Thank you for visiting The Mind Glass Initiative’s webpage.


In this webpage, you will discover our innovative solution for reading challenges as well as the inspiration behind our app.

Thank you to The Verizon Innovative App Challenge contest for helping us along the way.

Big thanks to Dr. Will Smith, our mentor and our Project Advisor as we are beginning to complete Version (V.1.1) of the app.

In addition, we would like to extend our thanks to Mr. Ganesh Chelliah, a generous gentleman who invested his time to aid the team with complex HTML integration and software system construction as well as an array of assorted tasks.

But without you, our readers, the app could not have come to life. Thank you for sharing The Team’s vision for a world without reading disabilities.




Please keep an eye out for Mind Glass at the National Technology Student Association Conference!

We will be presenting at the Welcome Dinner and will have a booth at the conference site.



The App has now been uploaded onto the Google Play Store!

Access the Mind Glass Team’s Google Play page at:


By scanning the QR Code Below:

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Thank you for all of your support!