We spend a lot of our time working on the app but that’s not all that we do, we do many things outside of working on the app.


When Caitlyn Prill has free time she likes to get together with friends. Her hobbies are playing the saxophone in the school band and baking. She is our graphic designer and she likes this project because she gets to work with new people and learn how to program!


Rishi Shridharan likes to program and read during his free time. Also for his hobbies he likes to play the piano and trombone. When Rishi grows up he wants to be an inventor. His favorite thing about this project is helping people read easier and helping others feel included.


Lauren Bramlett dances almost everyday! She is not quite sure what she wants to do when she’s older but she says that this project has made her think about more jobs in life such as engineering or computer science.


During Sahil Bolar’s free time he likes to read, play the flute and watch Netflix. His favorite thing about this project is that we will be able to help other people with dyslexia.


David Yue likes to read, sleep, play basketball and play video games during his free time. His hobbies are playing chess fishing and folding origami. He loves everything about this project and couldn’t pick just one!


Michael Abraham’s hobby is to read and when he is older he wants to become a neurosurgeon. He likes the app because he can help people who have trouble reading and he gets to learn how to create an app!


Alex Weiss plays volleyball competitive. She likes to read and go on walks/jogs during her free time! Her favorite part of the project is getting to help others and becoming closer as a group!

We all have different roles and responsibilities in the project but when we come together as a whole we can do great things!